Writing Your own Original Spells

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I think I speak for most witches out there when I say that we tend to spend a lot of our time reading books on witchcraft gathering spells, making collections of the ones we like, stacking our grimoires with spells to have and pull out when needed like rabbits from a magicians hat.

There are, however, situations that we find ourselves into that hundreds of spells we have read can’t help us with, and so we end up just making our own spells. And, I find, that’s where the art of the witch comes to life. The opportunity to take all we have learned and put them together and write a spell.

I have read in various sources, and I believe this to be true, that changing up a spell to meet our needs becomes more personal and powerful as it is tailored to our very own unique practice. What is even better than that is writing our own spells. That’s when our knowledge and ability is put to the test, and I will be honest, those are the spells I have the most connection with and I find they work more.

One of my best friends, always tells me how magic comes within us, we can purchase the purest and powerful ingredients, perform the most powerful spells and invoke the most powerful spirits, but nothing will be as strong as the spells we come up with our own, because that is when we pour our very own soul into them and, let’s face it, that’s when magic is born.

And then we decide to put together our own spells and perform them, only that we can’t decide what to use and how to execute them. I am certainly guilty of this and sit for hours, scratching my head not sure how to execute the spell. But here are a few things to consider when you find yourself in this situation:

Writing your own spells

Setting your purpose
This may be stating the obvious, but deciding on the purpose of your spell should be the first thing to do. But don’t go for the obvious target. Often times there are external influences in the background pulling the strings causing the situation you find yourself in. For example, a difficult relative/partner might be suddenly difficult with you because of someone influencing them, are you going to sweeten up the person in question or eliminate the influence?Once you decide where your spell will be targeted, you have to establish how you will achieve your goal. Are you going full-on dark side, or are you willing to take a milder approach at first and escalate as you go? Remember, oftentimes it’s easier to skip a spell all together and just sort out the situation via mundane ways (or just blend the two – why not?).

Another (yet important) note to make while on this, think of any consequences your spell might have. Would you be able to live with your conscience if you are not liking the potential result?


Once you have your purpose, you then decide on the ingredients. The herbs you want to use, if you’re using powders and oils. If so, which ones are best to achieve your goal?

Decide whether you will use any other items that symbolise your purpose, such as effigies, pictures of personal effects if you are targeting an individual, keys to unlock a situation, coins when it concerns money and so on and so forth. This is where things can get really crafty.

If you are using candles, decide on the colours. If you are unsure, white candles can replace any other colour.


This (and actually the ingredients) are optional layers to add to your spells, but this all depends on how you practice. I do, however, find petitions to be very useful in setting your intentions exactly.Dragon’s blood ink is a generic all-rounder that gives an extra boost in your spells unless you have any other inks available that fit your purpose (if you can’t get your hands on then just use a pen – really!). Be precise!

After that, you can decide whether you will tie it up to your target or burn it and use the ashes, or however else you would use a petition in any other spells.

Disposing of your spell

Consider how you will dispose of your spell. There are some rules in this and it just might finish up your spell nicely. Never bury a negative spell near your home, go far away. To bring something to you, bury it near your front door (or back yard in other cultures), in the crossroads for your spell to work in a distance. You might not even want to bury it.


Last but definitely not least, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION! No matter how many books you read and whatever anyone else says, your intuition knows best. If that little cute voice in your head says to use an ingredient, use that ingredient, it’s probably key to your spell.I performed a domination spell a few months ago for a relative and for some reason I felt I needed to add white and black candles on either side of the effigy. At the time I wasn’t sure why, but then I realised that this was a great way to bring a good balance to the result of the spell.

One last suggestion: once you come up with your spell, make sure you write it down in your grimoire. I repeat, the spells you come up with are the most powerful in your arsenal, and you might just use it again, or teach it to someone else.

This is by no means a set in stone guide to writing your spell. This is how I would write a spell based on how I practice. Your spells might be a lot more different than mine. But this is the point of this. They will be YOUR spells and they will work with YOUR magic.

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