Witchcraft is Not Meant to Be Pretty

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In this post I want to focus on the ‘prettiness’ that became of witchcraft. We live in a society where is massively driven by branding with the use of social media, what I call the ‘not so low-key, low-key advertising’. Most of us have various accounts out there and about 99% of these accounts focus on elaborate settings of crystals, altars and what not.

I keep thinking seeing all these beautifully dressed pictures, whether these practitioners actually practice the path. I know damn well that, for me, it would take an entire day to set my items all up just to take one perfect picture. I would end up spending more time on taking the pictures, I don’t think there would be time left for me to perform any spells. In fact, I don’t think I ever have enough time as it is to set all that up.

(It is ironic, that I am sat writing this post in a hair salon that is decorated with massively new-age and hippy influence that would be perfect for social media posts.)

As much as I do enjoy scrolling on my news feed to see all the dress-ed up altars and tools, I am a firm believer that the path needs to be practiced more than it needs to be displayed beautifully. In the end, we’re growers, not showers (wink-wink).

Unfortunately, for those looking for the pretty pictures, if you visit my instagram account, you will find dark, rusty-looking spells, with ugly candle melts dripping everywhere. It’s still a look I dig, however, I usually show what I make as I make it rather than creating a setting for me to show to the world. Once I’ve done my spell, focused my intention and it’s time to let the spell take its toll, I then take my phone to take a little quick picture. And done.

I am glad when I see most accounts that I follow showing the same. We may not be the most popular accounts out there with thousands of likes in each picture, but you know what?… Showing exactly what we do, as we do it, is a way to let people in to our craft. Because witchcraft is not meant to be pretty. It’s meant to do its work. And its work, other than the physical items you see that make up the spell, is basically intangible.

Thousands of years, we have been driven underground, and now we have a platform where we can show our presence in the world. Now it’s time to let people in, and show them what witchcraft is really is about. You won’t see creepy blood flowing from our wrists, or dead cats. Instead, you will see messy herbs, candles and incense smoke, to name a few. Well… Maybe an occasional skull and bones, but in our defence, you find those in your stew as well.

That is what witchcraft looks like. We just happen to finally open the doors and let others see it. To see that we’re just people who happen to practice a (not so, anymore) unpopular path. There is no devil, no death (well, you can’t see the spirits roaming about so I guess that is good), and definitely no eating people!!!

I guess, we owe a little thanks to the pretty Instagram pictures out there. Without them, we wouldn’t have the voice and exposure us trads have now. but it is important to remember that magic is not what we see, it’s what we feel.

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  1. I naturally set mine up in a way aesthetically pleasing to me, but that's because I like things a certain way, I like you, wouldn't have time to make everything pretty for the sake of it. I mean I have enough trouble keeping herbs in their place as it is, they are usually all over the floor too. It would be a huge waste if I was to do even more. Here's to the messy side of Witchcraft!

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