When the magic goes silent

8723 - When the magic goes silent

They say, being a witch is more than just casting spells. It’s our path, our very essence. We breathe magic. It runs through our blood. They say “once a witch, always a witch”. That may be true, but it’s also a very big claim to make. This doesn’t make us super people, it just makes us feel a bit different than others. We learn to hone our energy and bring it out to cause changes in the physical realms. The truth is, that we don’t have full control over this gift. Sometimes it comes strong and other times it goes utterly silent.

With being a witch, we all have a unique way of telling when our magic is most ‘loud’. In my case, the way my body urged me to look into witchcraft in the first place was when I was in my room by myself in the middle of the night, when my blood started vibrating inexplicably. It was as if my blood was singing a silent song. That is also how I know my magic speaks through me. Those vibrations I feel. Each of us has our own ‘indicators’.

There are times where these indicators fall silent. In my case, I didn’t realise that was my ‘magical tell’ until I have felt its silence. A few months ago, I have gone through two months of silence. I didn’t want to cast any spells, and I felt as witchy as a little ant.

Coincidentally, I wasn’t the only one who was going through the same trouble. The House I am part of (that’s what we call our group of seven witches) all felt the silence. We kept wondering how we can call ourselves witches if we don’t even feel any indication of our essence?

Just like life, with magic, there are ups and downs, and there are in-betweens. Sometimes the silence is the result of life being life and taking a toll on us, and other times is because we simply need it. A lot of us feel worried, thinking what if our witchiness has reached its expiry date, and whether that will come back. It’s as if we are thrown and locked in a dark dungeon, without sight of what’s beyond our nose.

All witches go through this at some point in their lives. Sometimes, this silence can last a very long time. Some might experience it for years. But your magic never dies. It is always there and it will always come back. Take it as part of your journey, and I promise you, when it comes back, it will come stronger than ever. You’re a witch from birth, and nothing can change that. It happens that there are times where our magic needs to take a rest and rejunevate. And as awful as it feels, and no matter how grey it makes the world feel around you, remember, that it is only sleeping and taking a rest, but it will return, like an unleashed waterfall.

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