The Universal Law of Equivalent Exchange

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In traditional witchcraft, there are a few universal laws that are followed. Knowing these and working with them can pretty much help you create any spell you want by incorporating these laws in your craft. The three main universal laws are the Law of Attraction, Law of Contagion and The doctrine of Signatures.

  • Law of Attraction: stating that of which you think and wish, you will attract. It’s probably the most wide-known law out of the three of them
  • Law of Contagion: stating that if something belongs to someone, it will create a link to that person. This includes hair, nail clippings, objects owned by someone, names etc. All these create a link with the owner
  • The doctrine of Signature: That of which looks like something, it can affect that object. For example, walnuts look like brains, so they are good for the mind, beetroots are red as blood and they are good with cleaning the blood. I could go on, but you get the gist.

There are many other laws that affect witchcraft, and general life, but these three are the basics that can set you off at the start.

A fourth law I personally follow, and if you have watched FullMetal Alchemist, you will see I got it from there, is the Law of Equivalent Exchange. This might correlate (if not being the same just in a different name) to the Law of Balance, but I like calling it Law of Equivalent Exchange as it reminds me where the beginning of my path came from.

In the beginning of each episode, the following quote was mentioned:

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we believed that to be the world’s one and only truth” 

-Alphonse Elric, The FullMetal Alchemist

Our western ideologies are likely to misinterpret this quote. After all, a series of misinterpretations caused a lot of chaos in humankind over the years.

Essentially, if you want to gain something, something else of equal value must be paid. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything tangible. To succeed at work, you have to work hard, to gain genuine respect, you have to also put the equivalent effort so you obtain that as well. Anything in this universe is obtainable, if you give something in return, and that sometimes is the effort we put in the process.

In turn, magical workings aren’t excluded from this universal law. A spell needs energy so it can succeed. That energy needs to come from somewhere, whether is from you or from an external source (and when it comes from an external source then an offering must be given). Equally, the knowledge and study it takes for a witch to become confident to cast a spell is also a part of the valuable payment we have to give. But once a spell is completed, then come the actions following the spell. If our actions contradict the spell it is likely that it won’t work, because we are not adding up to the value needed for the universe to put the spell forward.

Everything has a payment in this world, and to think that this is always a tangible payment would be a massive mistake. An action can be just as much as a payment. Until the universe has been given what needs to give you back the outcome of equal value, the results will not be shown. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

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