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Magical recipes or spells that are found in books or from other sources generally have a very broken down step-by-step execution of the spell in question, although sometimes we might be missing some ingredients, or even do things in our way that is not necessarily how it would be described in the spell. They might be including the invocation of a deity that we don’t necessarily follow, but we still need to light that shit on fire and perform that spell, because, you know, we might want that money to come in, or change a situation in any way.

Some witches may be strictly traditional and performing their spells religiously step by the step, and although, I salute them for that, I personally can’t relate to this method of practicing. Using a more eclectic method in my craft, which means I take a few things from various paths and adapt it to my practice, I always end up adapting spells to my practice and find myself blending various spells to make one spell for each occasion.

Often times, the eclecticism of my work can cause sloppiness and inconsistency. Don’t confuse my words, though, my spells work just as well, but I can’t help the sloppy side of me to take hold on me when I practice. I may slur the words of my chanting, or I may forget a tool once I have cast my circle.

No matter how sloppy we can get some times, it is very important, when practicing, to continue with the spell, even though a main ingredient may be missing from our work table. After all, what is important is the energy we put into a spell and not whether we lit that candle with matches or a lighter. Yes, a small detail as this can help, but it doesn’t mean your spell will crumble.

When practicing a spell, and you realise you forgot to include one herb in your incense blend, don’t let that distract you from your purpose. Push every thought that may be of a lower vibration and project your higher vibrations into your spell.

I would like to take the opportunity to mention that it is ok and for some of us, it is normal to be a bit sloppy when you practice your craft. I wish this post could be a “how to deal with this” kind of post, but some things just don’t work like that. We are all our own type of unique clumsy, and it’s not about fixing it, it’s about embracing it and learning to use that part of us to a benefit.

A lot of us have not been doing this for half a lifetime and are still learning and some others (including myself), simply are sloppy by nature! This doesn’t make us less legitimate witches, it only means that we are still learning. We might forget to perform a cleansing spell that is due to be cleaned, or we might not be sure what colour candle to use for this particular occasion because it may be a little bit trickier than a simple banishing spell, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Literally, your will is your way to the success of your spell. Sometimes you need to cleanse your tarot deck and the full moon was just five days ago, would this be a reason enough to keep you from cleansing it? No! You will find another way to cleanse it.

A spell, or in fact, any magical activity that we perform needs energy. This energy can be found from many sources, whether that is the current moon phase, particular herbs, crystals that vibrate specific energetic frequencies, but if your own energy is not in the game and you are not focused in your spell or ritual, you are simply just burning incense and candles, and have stones placed in front of you just for the sake of it. In the end of the day, that’s what discriminates alchemy from chemistry.

So the next time you forget to practice something you were planning to do at a particular time, or you don’t have a specific ingredient you need to have with you, don’t let that stop you from performing your spell. Just know that your will for it is enough to push that spell into motion. It is your intent that has most of the power, the rest are simply tools to help you direct that intent. And no witch should be put down for her or his sloppiness. We all do some stupid shit some times, but that’s what make us, well, us!

Your magic can be as valid as you make it!

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