The Power of the Crossroads

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The beauty of witchcraft, I find, is that even though in old ages there were very little means of communication, we can find very common practices used between cultures. One of these aspects is the use of crossroads. From New Orleans Voodoo (and Haitian Vodou) to traditional witchcraft, whether it originates from Britain, Africa or Minor Asia, the crossroads was a crucial aspect witch incorporated in their craft.

In different cultures, different spirits (or deities if you work with them) dwell at the crossroads. Hekate, the Greek goddess who made a rise in new-age paganism, is considered the goddess who rules the three-way crossroads, whereas Hermes ruled the four-way crossroads. In New Orleans Voodoo, you will find Papa Legba dwelling there, where in West Africa you would find Eshu-Elegbara. In Brazil, the Pomba Gira is the spirit that dwells at the T-shaped crossroads.

The crossroads, essentially, is a threshold of energy. A threshold is a place where two different energies meet. A few examples of thresholds would be the opening on a wall dividing two rooms used for different purposes, where two oceans meet, or where the ocean meets the earth and so on and so forth. The crossroads is a threshold of its own as it is where cars (carriages in the old times) change directions.

In old ages, the crossroads would be where people met, gallows stood, or death penalties were executed. The crossroads then became the place where the Devil dwells. The story of Robert Johnson supposedly gained his legendary guitar skills after making a deal with Ol’ Scratch, where Charlie Parker gained fame after paying a visit during the midnight hour at the crossroads.Thinking of it in another way, speaking of the modern ways of living, so many cars drive over crossroads, energy is bound to accumulate there, making them a great source of energy.

Using the crossroads

Crossroads being a very potent threshold of energy, it can be used for various types of spells. Road opener and unblocking spells are ones that are likely to incorporate the use of this threshold of energy. Offerings to spirits petitions for a spell are also left at the crossroads or to bury remnants of your spells if you want your spell to work long-distance. The possibilities are endless.

The crossroad junction I personally use for any of my spell work isn’t of two roads. Instead, it is a motorway going over a river behind my home. It isn’t a very traditional image of a crossroads, however, it is the one I have nearest. Thinking about it, it is also a crossroad between two elements: water and earth. This goes to say that any crossroad can be used for your spellwork if you see it fit, even if that is not the general idea people have of a crossroad.In the 3rd article of protective magic, I have included a hex breaker using seven stones picked up from the crossroads (Crossroad Protection Hex Breaker).

Needless to say that when approaching the crossroads, do so with care and utmost respect. As witches, we take care of ourselves and the spirits.

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