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Most of us don’t (or didn’t) have the luxury of coming across an experienced witch to show us the ways of witchcraft. In my case, I found someone (a very special person whom I love, value and trust) who is willing to teach me 3 years after I proclaimed myself a witch. This didn’t stop me from studying, learning and practicing witchcraft. Why should it? I knew this is the path for me and I refused to wait around not learning anything because some people believe ‘real witchcraft’ can’t be self-taught.

Now that the internet has so much available information and books on witchcraft are being published almost every day, it is somewhat easier for someone, a witchling, for example, to pick books up and start studying the craft. Heck, there is no need to physically go to the library and come across a book by chance anymore. I consider myself lucky to have been born in this time of age, where everything is digitally available with the click of a button. Having said that, no matter how much I read, I find that the thirst of knowledge I have becomes only worse. And that is what drives me to keep studying.

In this blog post, I want to take the opportunity to give advice on studying witchcraft. And I wanted to do this because from all the information we find available, a lot of them contradict each other, and then we end up confusing ourselves and trying to crack our heads open just to make sense of it all.

Selecting your sources

Unfortunately, I am not planning to give a list of books to read. This is not up to me to do. I can’t tell you what is good and what is not. There is simply just too much out there to pick a few. However, I can tell you from experience that you will not know for certain that the book you chose to read will be worthwhile of your time until you purchase and read it.

What helped me, however, is following my intuition. I didn’t just go for the most popular book out there or the one that has a nice cover and summary. I simply went online and let my intuition guide me. Listened to that little voice in my head to help me chose the books to read.

Very few of them are still on my bookshelf, but they did help me find my path in the end. This may be an advice I gave a lot throughout my posts for many things, but hey, that’s your first and foremost tool as a witch.

Take it with a pinch of salt

It’s important to remember, that every book, every website and every information out there was written by another human being. If something doesn’t sit right with you, you don’t need to take it as sacred words written on ancient scripture. Remember that that is the author’s point of view and information they gathered, but it doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.

When reading about witchcraft, if something doesn’t sit right with you, it’s ok. I wouldn’t advise dismissing it completely, but don’t take it as a fact. Take only what makes sense to you. If you manage to even get one bit of information from an entire book, then your time was not wasted.

I am not Wiccan and I don’t work with deities, however, I do read books that were written by authors who worked with deities or are Wiccans. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to take on what made sense to me. If you subtract the element you don’t work with, then you are left with information that could be applied to any path. If a book attracts you so much but isn’t about the path you are following (and good luck if you’re looking for something exactly tailored to your path) this doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go and see what you can take from it.

The Never-Ending of Studying Witchcraft

Studying is very crucial to the modern witch, and if you ask anyone for any advice, they (including myself) will say to study study study study. To this day, I believe studying is a very crucial part of the path. It’s a never-ending cycle of flipping pages of just about any book you can get your hands on. Another crucial part of the craft is learning through trial and error. But that is another matter I will probably discuss in the future.

Know that studying witchcraft will never end. To the newbie witches who are reading this, if you’re not ready to put in the work and hours of studying, I suggest you quit now because no one will reach the level of the all-knowing witch. In fact, that archetype is non-existent. But I promise you, as you read and practice, your confidence that you know your shizz will increase.

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