Spells Don’t Make the Witch

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There, I said it! Even though, ironically, my last post was a spell that I shared. And, yes, I will say it again. Spells are super fun! I love them, and I love performing them. They keep you on your toes and get your working towards a goal, whether big or small. However, you can make all the spells you want, as accurately and as properly as you want, but if your practice ends there, then you’re just making spells.

I came to this conclusion as I was speaking with my non-witch friend. When they mentioned to me that they previously performed spells that ended up working, I kept thinking whether this makes them a witch or not? I figured, all humans, regardless of our spiritual path or practice have the ability to cause change through thought. When intuition and the mind combine their potentials, anything can happen. And whether you are a witch or not, we all have both intuition and a subconscious mind with abilities no one could comprehend.

But is that enough for one to be a witch? I am also a firm believer that a witch is a witch from birth. It runs in our blood and DNA, we just hear our calling and we either decide to follow it or go mental. At least that’s what it felt to me.

There are others who decide to give it a go because you never know. And that’s ok as well. Regardless of which of the two it is, is spellwork enough for one to call themselves a witch?

What happens all the rest of the time when you don’t perform spells? Your ability to perform magic doesn’t end there. Our every will and every thought have influence and then there are times when these thoughts come to life. Being a witch is not a switch that can turn on and off. It’s always active. While you’re on the train and receive thoughts. When you stare a stranger in the eyes and push your will through them only for your will to take a toll on them.

One could argue, in this case, that spells could be unnecessary, but is this the case? To witch is more than that. To witch is to exist, to breathe, to live. Embrace your nature. Spells help us direct all that energy that builds up inside of us and project it towards our goal. They are an important and crucial way to the practice of a witch as they help the practitioner to learn how to hone and direct their energy. It is also the fastest way one can see their results take a true form through a more rapid method, but our practice doesn’t end there.

Witchcraft is not just a practice but a way of life. It’s not a job that you clock in your hours. You wake up, you eat, you go to work, you rest, you sleep. You are a witch as you take on your daily routine, and as you put your will and intent into it, you create magic. That is what it means to be a witch.

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