Spell: To Neutralise a Dangerous Enemy

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There are times that there is a particular individual that causes worry to us by just existing. They make us feel uncomfortable, and one could argue life would be a lot better without this person in it. Now, a banishing may not be possible on some occasions, and we have no other option but to use binding.

Now, traditionally, any form of darker spells was not used as a way to just dominate or hurt an individual, but also to protect the spellcaster. And so there is a spell to do just that. Protect you while it binds your target.

I have been in the above situation myself. Protection spells weren’t enough, and especially when it considers a sociopath, it might be difficult if they are stuck in your life. But remember, you’re a witch and where there’s a witch there’s a way. So I performed the below spell, which worked perfectly. And I am hoping you will find it useful.

I love this spell because there’s a perfect balance of going out to make your spell work and I like this type of magic: getting down and dirty!

This is a spell to neutralise a dangerous enemy.


    1. A small padlock with its key
    2. A piece of rope or black ribbon
    3. Black candle (or beeswax candle painted black with cuttlefish ink)
    4. Wool fabric
    5. Black thread
    6. Twigs from angelica plant or from a grape tree (Any other twigs
    7. from protective herbs will do)
    8. Special effects of the target (A picture, name on a piece of paper, or anything you can obtain)


Carry the padlock with you and when you meet your target, call their name holding the padlock in your hand. Once your target answers to your calling, lock the padlock chant the following in your head:

I lock you so you can’t hurt no more
<name of target>, son/daughter of <name of mother>
I bind your tongue
So it doesn’t let evil be spoken from your mouth
I bind your mind so it doesn’t think evil against me 
<your name>, son/daughter of <name of your mother>
I bind your hands so they don’t do evil against me
<your name>, son/daughter of <name of your mother>
Until time unlocks this padlock, I shall not see evil from you

In the same night, light the candle. Take the picture, the padlock, the paper with the name and the herbs and tie them together with nine knots.

Recite and chant the traditional knot chant (or your own variation if you have one):

By knot of one, the spell’s begun
By knot of two, my spell comes true
By knot of three, so shall it be
By knot of four, power I store
By knot of five, my magic is alive
By knot of six, this spell I fix
By knot of seven, this spell I leaven
By knot of eight, it is fate
By knot of nine, what’s wished is mine

Once the knots are tied, drop nine wax droppings from the candle and repeat the chant. Leave the candle to burn out. Sew the knotted padlock and other items in a piece of wool, using a black thread. During the night, bury it somewhere where no one will find it (alternatively carry it around with you or hide it in your place of work if your target is a colleague).

Note: This is not an original spell, however, I have edited it to my needs and the way I practice

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