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Mirrors have been widely used in witchcraft predominantly in protection spells. The symbolism behind mirrors can be used in many various spells, however, protections are the one that comes to mind more intensely.

In spells, some ingredients are used for their energetic properties, and others for the symbolism they bring in the working. Mirrors, on the other hand, fill both of these roles. They symbolise reflections but they are also used for scrying. They are a gate to other dimensions and they allow us to peek through these.

A widely known story where the powers of mirrors are showcased is Snowhite and the 7 dwarves, where the queen used the mirror to see who is the “fairest of them all”.

In this blog post, I want to share a few spells using mirrors. Predominantly on protection and reversal spells.

Reversal Spells

What comes to mind with mirrors at first is their reflective surface. Through that energy can be reflected back and so they are used to send energy back to them. Mirrors reflect light and send it back to where it came from, therefore, negative energy will be sent back to its sender.

If you feel you are being a target of malevolent spells, simple take a mirror and place a black candle in front of it representing the curse being sent to you. While the candle is burning in front of the mirror, the negative energy directed to you is sent back to where it came from.

It is said that one must never look through the mirror while a reversal mirror spell is working for they will see their worst fears, if not the devil himself. I haven’t tried this so I cannot tell for certain, but I would never risk the odds.

Another variation I have recently learned is, instead of a black candle, place a pink candle representing yourself and a piece of paper with the name of the sender (or a petition) stuck at the backside of the mirror.

Both variations are such that will return negative energy back where they came from.

Another use of mirrors in reversal, and this is more of a conjure turn, is to take two small mirrors, the name of your target and place the name between the mirrors with the reflective surfaces facing each other so all the ugliness of the target is turned back to them.

These are the basis of reversal spells, and of course, they can be top and tailed to your need and as you see fit.

They may sound a bit too aggressive to be protection spells, however, traditionally, hexes were used as a way of protection. If you wanted to be protected you had to target your enemy and push them out of the picture. It may be a bit harsh, however, sometimes this attitude is needed.

Scrying using mirrors

Using mirrors to scry is not as difficult as it is made to be, however, it is not something to be taken lightly. Things can be seen through mirrors and reflective surfaces and often times these aren’t very pretty.

Scrying through reflective surfaces requires to essentially open a portal. This means that the portal MUST BE CLOSED at the end of using your mirror or reflective surface.

I will not be providing a guide on how to do this as everyone has their own way, but also because it is quite risky if not done properly. Whatever you wish to do, remember to ALWAYS close the portal at the end by saying something along the lines of “I now wish to close the portal. Thank you. Goodbye.” Even if it is as simple as that you always have to say it out loud, show your appreciation and say “goodbye” just like with a ouija board.

These are but a tiny portion of all the uses mirrors have. They are extremely magical and probably the witch’s best friend. It is always good to have a few mirrors at hand to use when needed, and never look through it if it breaks. Simply throw a piece of (preferably black) fabric over the pieces, gather them together and dispose of the mirror safely away from your home.

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