Article 4: Protective Magic – What happens then?

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Hello, my witches! After postponing writing the final article on protective magic, it is time I put this baby to sleep. You can find the previous articles of this series of posts in the following links:

The previous articles focused on detecting and removing malevolent magic or energies. But that’s not where the process ends. Dealing with a curse is one thing, but psychic attacks are bound to return to us. That’s the way of life. And when hexes and malevolent energies are consciously put on to us, the caster of these spells will not stop after one hexing. It’s only a matter of time until they wiggle their little witchy finger once more for another hex.

Having previously talked about detecting malevolent energies, the evil eye and breaking these hexes, the next step in the process is the actual protection. Protecting yourself while you have a hex or negative energy surrounding you will only keep out more energy attaching to you, however, this will not remove the existing energies.

Needless to say, protection spells would be best to be in place, even before malevolent energy is tackling to you. It’s like obtaining car insurance. It needs to be in place before you drive. The same applies to witchcraft.

Before I started actually practising, I made sure I was apt in protection magic and what I need to do in each situation. One can never be too protected.

Ingredients for protection

Below is a list of items that can be used in protective magic. Whether they are herbs, crystals, or any other items, these can be used to create your own spells or adapt spells you find to make them your own. Conversely, if any herb or item cannot be found in your area, it can be replaced with another one.

Herbs (these are but very few of the large collection of protective herbs):

  • Angelica
  • Basil
  • Bay
  • Garlic
  • Hyssop
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Nettle
  • Rue
  • Resins (Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Dragon’s Blood etc.)
  • Rowan
  • Rosemary
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Thistle
  • Valerian
  • Wormwood


  • Clear Quartz – this is a very generic crystal and can work very well is protection magic
  • Snowflake Obsidian – works well for banishing negative energies
  • Tourmaline – this is a personal favourite as it is used specifically for keeping away and breaking curses
  • Evil eye stone – although not a stone but a blue glass, it is used to ward off the Evil Eye as mentioned in Article 2

Other items:

  • Iron – such as iron nails. Two iron nails can be bound together in the shape of a cross
  • Eggshells – grounded into powder can make Cascarilla powder and can be used as a protection powder
  • Symbols – such as the pentagram, the cross or any other symbols resonating to you as protective

Protecting Yourself

Personal protection can be achieved with various methods. Using the list of ingredients above as a starting point, one can use, implement and create their own spell that meets their requirement. Protection pouches are a personal favourite. These pouches can include herbs, crystals, symbols of protection, or any other ingredients favourable to the witch.

Once the pouch has been filled in and sealed, it can be carried to protect oneself on the go. Having said that, any protecting ingredient can be carried alone and it will still work. The preparation of a pouch bag is quite an old method of magic and has been used by many witches from many cultures (although especially popular in Hoodoo).

Amulets and talismans can be used in the same way. The difference of a talisman and an amulet will not be defined here, although, an amulet is an item of sentimental value, whereas a talisman is a charm a witch makes for themselves. Blessing an item of sentimental value that can be carried along can make an excellent protective amulet.

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As for a talisman, the simple Sator square can be scribbled on a square piece of paper and can be carried along (or can be included in a pouch bag).

The possibilities of these methods are endless.

Psychic protection: another excellent and very simple method is psychic protection. Before leaving the house, visualise a gold sphere around you. One’s mind has great power and through images, we can send instructions to our subconscious. The benefit of this method is that if forgotten to be performed before leaving the house, it can be performed at any time of the day, at any place.

Protecting Your Home

You have protected yourself, but that is not near enough. Your home is where you should feel safe and free, your own haven. It’s the place where you can roam free without clothes on with your skin exposed, and so it should also be the place where you have your heart open (energetically speaking).

Protecting your haven is adding another layer to the personal protection mentioned above, however, it also protects anyone who is within these walls and who lives there. You want to protect them as well.

A very new-age way – but by no means any less powerful – that I have used until recently, is warding your home through visualisation and elemental magic. I will not go through it here as there are many many blog posts who provide information on how to perform the ritual yourself. Although, it is important to note that psychic protective barriers such as these need to be maintained regularly by sending energy to them.

Recently I found myself choosing methods that can be incorporated in my housework.

Floor washes: This is an excellent way to keep cleansing your home energetically and protecting it as well. I buy my floor washes from The Village Witch Shop, where I use to cleanse and protect my home. Simply put a spoonful of the floor-wash in a litre of water and mop your home starting from the back and ending at the front door to push the energy out (even though there is a disclaimer on the products to not apply them on your floor as they may stain, if you do so it is your responsibility).

Witch-tip home protection: An easy way I protect my home is by having 2 clear quartz crystals on each window sill and an evil-eye repellent on my front door (I knowwwww, it’s quite new-agey). This way only positive energy is allowed to come in and negative energy is kept out. The great thing is that they are always exposed to sun and clean air which helps the crystals to be cleansed and let go of the negative energy they harvest by default.

Witch-bottles and charms: The beauty of witch bottles (or jars) is that they are very simple to do and require only just enough intent while making them. As a rule of thumb, I personally fill them up with what I would usually put in a mojo bag (see the list of items above) and can simply be placed near your front door. Going for aesthetic is a good idea in the case that you will keep it exposed so then if anyone visits your haven, you can always blame it to the decor. Alternatively, you can follow the traditional witch bottle for protection recipe.

As for charms, every new years eve, I celebrate it by making a spell, usually a charm that is intended to be hung on my front door. A blog post with a recipe of this shall follow up soon.

So, what happens next?

Three steps have been covered in cases of hexing or when negative energies are attached to us and then protection. Unfortunately, the process does not end there though.
After sorting out a period of upheaval in your life, no matter where this turmoil has sourced from, there needs to be some healing. Letting yourself heal is a very crucial part of the process. After all, if you don’t fully heal then the situation may persist, only it will source from you this time. A simple healing candle spell can be sufficient, drawing a healing bath, and of course, spoiling yourself (I knew you would like this one).
Your protection spells, however, should always be kept in check. Sometimes they wear off and they might need some updating or maintenance. Make sure you listen to your intuition to establish the need for any maintenance actions that need to follow your protection spells.

This series of posts is by no means ALL of protective magic. There are myriads of ways to detect, repel and break a curse and I would always encourage further reading.

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