Article 3: Protective Magic – Curse breaker

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It’s time we speak about actual curse breaking in this chapter. It may be a little too direct and jumping into deep waters straight ahead, however, it is the next step after finding out that negative energy has stuck on you.

Curse breaking is a strong title to use, however, I will be discussing various ways of getting rid of negative energy and breaking a course.

In my post about the evil eye, I have mentioned a method to detect the evil eye. The same method can be used to detect negative energy that clung on you and even a curse. Remember, a curse is a negative energy directed to you, just as the evil eye is, and so the same method can be used. Although I didn’t try it, this can also apply when the curse entails a spirit up your arse (spirits are also energy and they vibrate on their own frequency depending on whether they are malevolent or benevolent). At this point, it would be fitting to mention that the uncrossing oil recipe provided in the evil eye post is one way to break a curse or remove negative energy from you.

Now I will be starting to break down various methods to break a curse or clear yourself from negative energy. And yes, I will be including actual spells for you all!!! (Yay!!!)


First and foremost, the attitude of an ailed individual goes a longer way than any spell would!

If for example, I detected negative energy or curse breaking through my barriers, and I perform a curse-breaking or cleansing spell to get rid of this, but my attitude remained somewhat negative, that means I just wasted my energy in performing a spell.

Wearing a smile and making yourself feeling that happiness (which can be very hard for everyone at times), can make wonders. A positive attitude means positive vibrations and energy, and that will always overshadow negative low-vibrational energies.

So, the first thing you do is wearing a smile. Tell yourself that everything will be ok. Tab into that sliver of positive energy left in you, even if the rest seem plain dark, and multiply that to actually feel positive.


Once positivity emits from you, then comes to clearing the energy around you and removing the negativity in your environment.

Incenses are a very common and extremely potent way to cleanse energy. Herbs like sage, rosemary, olive leaves, or incenses like myrrh and frankincense (to name very few) have very high vibrations and can clear negative energies from your environment. Cleansing and protective incenses can change the energy in a room within seconds.

Your home is a great start to begin your cleansing.

A personal favourite method is using Reiki. Reiki is a very high-vibrational energy and can be used once connected to it.

Unfortunately, you have to be attuned to Reiki to follow this method, but if you are reading this and you are, just because they didn’t mention this in your courses, doesn’t mean it can’t be used.


Now… Let’s get cooking with gas!!!

Below, I am including some magical spells to follow to break a curse. These are not the only ones that exist out there of course, and you don’t have to abide by any.

Remember: If you want to create your own spells, these will be much more potent before any other spells you find out there and use.




1. Lemons
2. Limes
3. Bay Leaves


1. Draw a bath
2. Squeeze lemons and limes
3. Throw nine leaves of bay leaves in the bathtub

Optional: Chew on a bay leaf but don’t swallow

Spiritual baths are a very ancient form of breaking a curse and not only it uses the means of your own spiritual energy to break a curse, but it helps to ground that energy causing better results.

Other curse breaking herbs can be used. The herbs have to be an odd number (3, 5, 7 or 9). When taking the bath, soap is not used as the purpose of these baths is to cleanse your energetic field of negative energy clung to it from a curse.

When washing, to banish the negative energy from your body, the body must be scrubbed from head moving towards the toes so as to push the energy slowly outside of your body.

When the tub is opened and the water is disposed of, visualise the negative energy flowing through the tub with the water. 


1. 7 Small stones from cross roads
2. Cast iron pan
3. Salt
4. Crushed Garlic cloves with garlic peel 5. Onion Peel and leaves or shoots

6. Chili Pepper 7. Mustard seeds


1. Take the stones and place them in a cauldron
2. Cover them with salt and the herbs
3. Set them alight
4. WHen material cools off to take the stones back to the crossroads 

Note: The importance of crossroads in spells is that they are considered as energy thresholds. Energy thresholds are essentially the place where an energy changes (i.e. a door opening is a threshold as the energy from each room changes).

Taking stones from or incorporating a crossroad in your spell, adds extra energy as you are borrowing energy from the threshold of energy change. Like using more than one energy, or using double the energy. 


1. Dust from crossroads 
2. Cup
3. Black candle
4. Brown paper bag


1. Fill the cup with dirt
2. Place the small candle in the dirt and light it
3. Let it burn for a while
4. Abruptly, grab the candle, turn it upside down and distinguish it in the dirt
5. Bite the burned end off and spit it out away from you.

6. Let the candle burn out.
7. Place the dirt and remnants of wax in a paper bag and dispose of them away from your house 
8. Return back home using a different route




1. Rue oil
2. Lighter

If a magical image has been found, a poppet, or whatever else that indicates that it’s a curse against you, this is what you must do: do not touch it, or allow others to touch it. Get a bottle of rue oil (keep some handy for this purpose) and drench the doll with the oil, making sure that the whole image is covered with the oil. Then light the whole thing on fire (even clay dolls, the clothes, or just the oil itself should light).

If this is impossible to do where the doll is lying, because of danger of the fire spreading, nosy neighbours, or whatever, move the doll without touching it, using a wooden stick, to a safe place, outdoors, then douse and burn. The oil breaks the spell and the burning of the doll symbolizes the spell going to ashes. While the doll is burning you must visualize the spell’s defeat, using, say, a huge wall made up of great stone blocks. See the wall begin to topple and crash to the earth by the force of your counterspell. Firmly visualize this as the doll burns.

The one in whose name the doll was made is in no danger if this procedure is followed, nor is the sender of the spell. Never pick up or touch any strange image, charm bag, amulet, or even coin left near your home where it might have been purposely laid for you to find it. Such things are often loaded with negativity that is released when you touch it.  


These are only a few of the spells that I use when breaking a curse. I wish I could include more but for now, these should be able to give you some ideas.


Reversing a curse means to return it back to the one who cast the curse to you (if the issue you are facing with is, in fact, a curse directed by another magical practitioner). You may be thinking that this would be a very good way to show your enemy who they are messing with, and I understand it can be tempting.

I, personally, go with the belief that if someone is ok with hurting me, then I won’t hesitate to shend that sh*t back.

Having said that, always consider the consequences. The person you are reversing the hex back to, might reverse it back to you after that. You might end up playing hex-tennis in the end. We call these witch wars. Are you ready to get into a witch war? If not, then just break the hex. Otherwise, go ahead.

A reversal spell can be very simple. Burn a candle (black ideally representing the target) with the bottom of the candle carved to reveal the wick (therefore, burn upside down) in front of a mirror. Dress with the oils you deem appropriate.

They say you should never ever look inside the mirror while it’s working. I wouldn’t risk it, if I were you.

Mirrors are the ultimate tools that can be used for reversal work. However, this is not limited to. The above is one spell and one variation of this spell. You can get as crafty as you want with this.


These are just very few ways to deal with a curse. Each individual witch or magical practitioner choose their way of dealing with such energies. And sometimes, the situations are brought in such a way that we would make an exception and act differently. It is your method and your method only. There is no right or wrong and there are no limits.

I guess the reason for sharing these spells is that I am hoping that this might be of help to you when you need it. In the end of the day, we should share our knowledge if this means to save someone (I know I would like to see it).

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