Article 2: Protective Magic – The Evil Eye, Detection & Uncrossing

image asset - Article 2: Protective Magic - The Evil Eye, Detection & Uncrossing

So you might have heard about this mild curse called “The Evil Eye”, and trust me when I say that there is nothing mild about this, and you may or you may not be aware that you are or have been afflicted by it in the past. Before I get into it a little bit more, I’d like to say that the Evil Eye is actually a very common form of a curse, and probably the most common curse there is out there for it can be cast with just a thought whether you are practising witchcraft or not.

The Evil Eye is believed mainly in some Mediterranean cultures. Predominantly the Greek and Italian culture hold a solid belief in it. That is not to say that it doesn’t exist for other cultures (in fact it might exist under a term).

In Greece, they believed that the evil eye was amplified from the throat, and when someone said anything, especially in reply to good news or in wonder, that is how the evil eye was ‘cast’. Therefore, to avoid casting the evil eye accidentally, they would spit on the forehead of the individual in question to avoid casting the curse to them (which is why in My Big Fat Greek Wedding you can see the Greek family spitting at the wedding couple).

To protect themselves from the Evil Eye, witches would carry with them a round stained piece of glass with circles in the middle representing an eye. They would believe that in carrying this charm with you, the evil eye would be absorbed by the glass.

I grew up believing in the malevolence of the Evil Eye, and then growing a little bit more it simply didn’t make much sense to me. “Why would an eye want to come and get me?” But, I came to think that it’s mostly because of the way people in our culture explained it to the younger generation: Quite vaguely and without many foundations to base it on.

I came to understand the Evil Eye as negative energy directed by people to others. Jealousy is the main emotion that predominantly feeds this curse, and it can be destructive to its victims. I have been one of its victims many a time, and only just realised that what I was going through was the curse of the Evil Eye. The results of this curse can span from mild unluck to destructive results, and the more you avoid it the bigger it gets. Kind of like a big snowball rolling down the hill gathering more snow adding to its mass.

Detecting the Evil Eye

Figuring out whether one is inflicted by the jinx of the evil eye could be based on pure intuition. A crippling feeling of “something not quite right” can be the initial indication that negative energy has clung itself in your auric field. Or past experiences may also indicate that things are not progressing as they should be. Plans can fall out suddenly with no rigid reason justifying them, or just simply a lot of bad luck has been following you.

That’s when you know a form of negative energy is stuck around. There is, however, a method used by witches for generations now that can help the victim indicate whether they are inflicted by the evil eye, that some jealousy may have crept through your barriers of protection and caused a little light damage. Without leaving this energy to grow and become something a bit more uncontrollable, it is an important step for this method to be performed to ensure yourself whether you indeed have negative energy directed towards you.

For this, you will need a bowl of room-temperature water and olive oil. Dip your little finger into the oil and drop three drops of olive oil into the water.

Observe how the drops act in the water. If at least one drop of the oil has broken up on the surface of the water, there is negative energy directed to you, or also known as the evil eye. Now the uncrossing must take place.

Note: I personally use this method to detect any form of jinx, hex or curse, as they are all negative energy intended for the victim, just as the evil eye is.

Getting rid of the Evil Eye curse

How I dealt with it until now? I simply didn’t tell much to people unless I truly trusted them. And some other times I told some people to test their jealousy levels. Now I know who is jealous when I tell them news and who is actually cheering for me (I know – it’s a very risky game I played there). Even though I still believe it is good to keep your plans and strategies to yourself until you materialise them, I don’t believe it is the most effective way to avoid the curse. In fact, whether people know your next move or not, they can still be jealous of you and still get kicked in the ass by it.

Avoiding the Evil Eye would be the first step in getting rid of it. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as “too much protection“, right? I consider regular protection means to be sufficient against the Evil Eye. In the way that you would ward your house or yourself against any curse with whatever measures you see fit for your occasion, you would automatically protect yourself from the evil eye as well, since we established that it is negative energy just like any other curse. Carrying the evil eye repeller charm mentioned earlier (and displayed in the image above) can also be a form of protection from the evil eye.

But what happens when you have already been afflicted by this energy of jealousy?
The best way to get rid of the Evil Eye is to uncross yourself. The use of uncrossing oil is the best way to go for and so here is its recipe, which I found from The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes, and in turn, made its way to my Book of Shadows after amending slightly. That is not to say that it is the only way to deal with this energy.

There are many other ways, however, I generally prefer a more traditional approach.

Uncrossing Oil Recipe


    1. A few drops of essential oil of hyssop
    2. A few drops of essential oil of angelica (or a pinch of the herb)
    3. A few drops of essential oil of frankincense
    4. A pinch of sea salt
    5. A pinch of black pepper
    6. A pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
    7. A spring of rue or nettle
    8. a sliver of fresh garlic
    9. A section of a broken chain (e.g. from a keyring or necklace)
    10. 1/2 ounce of castor oil
    11. 1/2 ounce of jojoba oil

Add the ingredients in a bottle with blended castor and jojoba oil. The crucial ingredient is hyssop and the broken chain. Add the remaining ingredients as you wish

The oil can be used to bathe in it (you can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil for purification). It can even be used in hex breaking spells where uncrossing oil is required.

Note: Essential oil of Angelica has photosynthesising properties. When the uncrossing oil is worn on the body, avoid exposure to the sun.

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