50 Shades of Witchcraft

Hijama Cure from black magic - 50 Shades of Witchcraft

Nope. This isn’t a sex witchcraft post. But I got your attention didn’t I? (admit it!). I do want to talk about the different shades of witchcraft. Well… More like the view of people who still use the terms Black and White Witchcraft, especially directed to those who practice.

I was catching up with a friend the other day, who I haven’t spoken to in a long while, where the conversation took us to witchcraft. Here we are again, two witches talking about our favourite subject that we can’t talk to all of our friends because we both come from an extremely religious culture. My friend then mentioned something about being careful to not dwell on black witchcraft and that’s when I stopped him to disagree. We decided to agree to disagree, but this doesn’t stop me from writing a post about it, now does it?

What bats my eyes out is that a lot of people see many aspects of life in quite a black and white light, and with witchcraft, some take it a little bit too literal, but nothing is or ever was as simple as that. There are many shades in everything. Unfortunately, the duality aspect of how we see things is also present in witchcraft. And still is for some people.

But we should know better than that, shouldn’t we? As witches, we work with intangible tools and we should know better than to think that there is black or white witchcraft.

As you may have gathered from my previous notes, witchcraft to me is anything but black and white. I prefer the term ‘shades’, if you will, in witchcraft. It would also be more accurate to use the terms ‘dark’ and ‘light’. And by no means, dark is to refer to ‘evil’ or light to be associated ‘weaker’. I am a firm believer that the strength of your magic comes from you no matter within which shade your spell falls into. And while on this note, I consider protective magic to fall towards the darker side of witchcraft, for you need to acknowledge that something with malevolent intentions is coming your way in order for you to perform a protection spell.

If you have been practising witchcraft for a little while – and I have been practising for as little as two and a half years, you would have already played with darker and lighter magic by now. Admit it! (nothing wrong with that)

I would also like to mention that to me, darker and lighter magic is not considered a duality of colours, because simply there are many shades between the two. A killing curse would by no means be compared to a minor hex to cause unluck. They can both fall under the darker side of witchcraft, but let’s be honest, they are by no means anywhere close, in the same way, that a healing spell and a good luck spell would be respectively the same.

Even if a bit brief, this is my brain download on “black” and “white” magic. There simply isn’t. Magic is like a knife, you can kill someone or you can cook and feed someone, and many other things in between. The tool – or in this case, the knowledge – is not evil or good, the practitioner is, and even then, there isn’t just good or bad people, but many shades in between. As witches, we play with various shades of witchcraft, and if you believe otherwise, I can probably prove to you that the case is otherwise.

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