5 Household Items That Can Be Useful to a Witch

spice jars - 5 Household Items That Can Be Useful to a Witch

If you have read more than one of the posts on this blog, you would have realised that I mentioned many times that witchcraft is using what you have available at hand and making things happen. Last week’s post in particular, The Resources of the Trad Witch. This time, I would like to go into the subject and mention some specifics. I promise you that you have so many witchy supplies that you didn’t even know you had.

Personally, I find those a lot more useful than any other expensive pretty witchy items that are sold in esoteric shops. I do like purchasing the occasional cute cauldron for decorative purposes, but for my craft I enjoy using things I already have. This in turns means that I am incorporating my lifestyle into my craft – or my craft into my lifestyle – they kind of go together for me, so merging the two makes sense (but this may be an idea for another post).

I’m at the point in my craft where, if a family member comes to my house, and given that they don’t snoop into my working desk where they will find a lot of obviously witchcraft items, they won’t realise that they stepped into a witch’s house. But it’s everywhere. The crystals on each window, the evil eye charm and keys hung on the front door. There are many hints, but because I am using everyday items, you have to be a witch to put the pieces together.

Here is what I use as part of my craft:

1. Spices

You can’t tell me you don’t use spices to cook. Well, I have knews for you – you probably have more herbs in your arsenal to use than you though. Pepper, chilli, cinnamon, star aniseed, cumin. All those have their uses. I had most of these and I didn’t even know that! Now my spices have two ways of being used.

Open your cupboards or check your spice rack. Take note of what you have and search their magical uses. I bet you will have an herb for each occasion.

They might not be the most hip and trendy herb within the witchy community to use, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t as potent.

2. Other Ingredients

Obviously we have to mention salt. Without getting into too much detail, salt is the one ingredient that can’t be replaced in a witch’s cupboard. And chances are, you are already using your table salt in your craft. But in the same way you have thought of using the same salt you cook to perform spells, then you can apply the same thought process to the rest of your ingredients.

Now, honey & sugar (for sweetening spells), vinegar (for sour spells) and all these, are there to be used, and they are probably the most potent ingredients you can use.

3. Used jars and bottles

Jars, jars and more jars. What is it with jars and witches?

Sometimes I purchase my jars. They aren’t very pricey, but then every time I run out of something that is stored in a jar, here comes another one.

The same goes for bottles.

I have boxes filled with empty jars. A non-witchy person will think I have gone nuts, but a witch always keeps their supplies topped up 😉

4. Kitchen utensils

Knives, forks, spoons and whatnot, can be used for pretty much anything. Whether you want to carve your candles, dig in the ground to leave your spell left-overs, they can be very handy (obviously you would have to clean your fork/spoon after digging in the ground with it or use it solely for that purpose).

I personally use pastry brush to dress my candles with oils. I don’t reuse them for baking, however, it is a very cheap tool you can get from any supermarket and use in your craft

5. Pressure cookers

Who needs cauldrons when you already have a cast iron pressure cooker?

I previously mentioned that, to me, cauldrons were used by witches because it was simply another household appliance they had available. It wasn’t a witchy tool. It was simply a cast iron pot they used to cook stew over the fire. They just happened to use it for their spells as well.

If the same mentality is applied to a modern witch, the corresponding to a cauldron would be a pressure cooker. Or just about any cast iron pot.

A witch can find just about anything, and not limited to the above, to use in their craft. It’s all about opening your eyes and finding what you need in what you already own. You don’t have to get that herb that is extremely expensive only because the spell you found says so. You probably already have something you can use in your kitchen. The same goes for any of your tools. You don’t need to wait to perform your spells until you find the right items for you. You already have it all.

Witchcraft is all about using what you have and applying it to whatever situation you have going on.

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